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When you look up the definition to the word “Chameleon” you very well may see the name “Tha Kracken!” The hard work that Tha Kracken put into his Chameleon styled production has paid off as he has found himself working with nationally known artists as Mya, Jermaine Dupree, Jagged Edge, Cherish, Lloyd, Young Joc, Bow Wow and Omarion.
The multi-talented producer considers himself an “old-timey” music producer who can “go in and do it all.” That includes writing, arranging, and actually playing the music. Tha Kracken learned to play every instrument he could because he thought that all music producers did so. Although technology now allows anyone to play any instrument imaginable, having intimate knowledge of the most-used instruments gives him an edge as he sets out to do what producers do—make the record complete.

The seemingly “overnight success” actually was birthed years ago in Blue Bell Country with a dream and a vision combined with energy and time spent working towards the goal.
Although it appears that he recently burst on the scene with a string of hits, he is no newcomer to the game. Tha Kracken says that he started out producing well known local groups. “Along the way he recieved a BA from the University of North Texas.”

His official entry into the music game began with his first placement on Jermaine Dupri’s “Young Fly and Flashy”  From that point came more success with the single for Jagged Edge “Good Luck Charm” which was nominated for a American Music award for best R&B Favorite R&B/Soul Band, Duo or Group.   He is responsible for the 2006 summer smash “Do It To it” by Cherish that was certified gold by the RIAA.  He also received an ASCAP Pop Music Award in April 2007 for most played song. Summer 2007 everybody was singing the catchy and memorable hook to “Coffee Shop” Yung Joc’s first single off his second album Hustlenomics. Fall 2007 all the ladies were being crooned to and mesmerized with Bow Wow Omarion’s first single “Girlfriend.”  Off of there best of the best world album Face Off.  Spring 2008 Tha Kracken continued to add to his resume by lending his production talents to Pleasure P’s Debut album, and in 2009 Mac 10’s Single “So Sharp.”  Cheese is now hitting the Christian Music scene hard with his recent teaming up with Reach Records to give them a more mainstream sonically sounding music.  The first strike was early 2010 with 2011 Stella nominated artist Sho Baraka’s first single “We Can Be More” off of his critically acclaimed album “Lions and Liars.”  He worked with 2011 Stella Nominated artist “Trip Lee” to give him two fan favorites songs “Life 101” ft. Chris Lee Cobbins and Twisted which featured Lecrae,Pro, and This’l. off his Between Two Worlds which Charted at #1 on the Christian and Gospel Chart.  This past fall he was a part of Hip Hop History with Reach Records artist Lecrae who debuted with his album “Rehab” selling over 25K in its first week and  was #17 on the BillBoard Top 200, #1 on the Christian and Gospel Charts, #1 on the independent Charts, and #5 on the Rap Charts. These Billboard numbers has never been achieved by any Faith Based Christian Hip Hop artist.  2011 is already looking promising with many projects lined up already even his own artist debut album by Chris Lee Cobbins Entitled “The Medicine!”



TELEVISION & MOVIES                                                    AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD NOMINATIONS                     Multi-Platinum Albums

ATL: MOVIE SCORE & SOUNDTRACK                             JAGGED EDGE: Good Luck Charm                                    Now 23


EPISODE 28 (THREE’S COMPANY)                                  SOUL TRAIN MUSIC AWARD NOMINATIONS                  ASCAP AWARDS

TATTOO STORIES: AD FUSE NETWORK                         JAGGED EDGE: Good Luck Charm                                    Pop Music Awards 2007




#1 HIP-HOP ALBUMS                                                        GOLD ALBUMS                                                                  STELLA MUSIC AWARDS

BOW WOW & OMARION: Face Off                                    Lloyd: Street Love                                                               Trip Lee: Between Two Worlds

LECRAE: Rehab                                                                 Cherish: Unappreciated                                                       Lecrae: Rehab the Overdose

LECRAE: Rehab The OverDose

TRIP LEE: Between Two Worlds                                         GOLD SINGLES                                                                DOVE AWARDS

TEDASHII: BlackLight                                                         JAGGED EDGE: Good Luck Charm                                    Lecrae: Rehab the Overdose



KARINA PASIAN: Best Contemporary R&B album

BOW WOW OMARION: Outstanding Duo or Group

LECRAE: Best Gospel Rap/Rock

Tha Kracken! Discography


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