Chris Cobbins Releases Debut Album, “Hello World”

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Dove Award-Winning singer-songwriter Chris Cobbins is making his solo-album debut with the release of “Hello World.”  The album is available on iTunes today.

The creation of “Hello World” has taken place over months of collaboration between Cobbins and the album’s Executive Producer, Tha Kracken.  “We’ve been in the studio working very hard on creating a special sound for this album.  It’s something that we know people are really going to enjoy,” said Cobbins.

Tha Kracken and Cobbins make up the musical team of Late Bloom, the record label behind the release.  “When I started this label three years ago, I started with a vision of inspiring people with high-quality music that was a little different from everything else out there.  ‘Hello World’ is the first big step in realizing that vision,” said Tha Kracken.

The album is comprised of 14 diverse tracks that come together to create a musical canvas that will inspire people of many different musical tastes.  “People have asked me to describe the album, but the best way I can describe it is to just say that it is a reflection of me, who I am, and what I’m all about,” said Cobbins.

Cobbins is an award-winning singer-songwriter and his collaborative work bears fruit on his debut album in the form of featured appearances by Reconcile, Tony Tillman, Princeton, Ruslan, and Grammy-Award Winner, Lecrae.

The industry buzz about the album started early and attracted attention from other record labels.  As a result, Late Bloom has partnered with Save the City Records for the release of “Hello World.”

Derek Hoiem, CEO of Save the City Records, spoke about the partnership, “When we heard what Chris and Tha Kracken were planning, we knew it was an opportunity we wanted to jump on.  After we heard the music for the album, we were blown away and knew this was music that people really needed to hear.”

Cobbins is grateful for the partnership, as well, “being able to partner with a proven organization like Save the City is great because they recognize and believe in what we are doing, and they can help us reach an even wider audience.”

Cobbins and Tha Kracken have a goal to reach everyone who needs to hear the album’s inspirational message.  “Chris is a super-talented artist.  He’s only going to get better.  This album covers where he’s come from and gives you a glimpse into where he’s headed,” said Tha Kracken.

“I really poured my heart into this album,” said Cobbins, “I hope that people will be able to identify with what I’ve gone through, and how I’ve been work through things, so that they can be inspired to live the life that God has planned for them.”



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